BSG is here to help you perfect your stout sorcery and porter wizardry with the best selection of roasted malts in the multiverse.

Stout has been a beloved beer style for centuries, but it is by its very nature opaque. BSG is here to help you find your way through the dark (ales).


Calibrate your palate and expand your horizon with these examples of stout styles from this article in Craft Beer & Brewing.


Peruse (and feel free to use!) these sample stout recipes to inspire your wintertime brewing and fulfill your dark beer destiny.


BSG CraftBrewing

The best results come from the best ingredients. Tap BSG as your single source for the largest variety of quality malt, hops, yeast, additives and process aids that will make your dark beers stand out and deliver a consistent brew and smooth finish.


Simpsons Black Malt

Simpsons Black Malt ramps up the dark color and roasted flavors. Roasted at higher temperatures vs. the Chocolate malt, and made from malted barley, this sets it apart from Roasted Barley – this means Simpsons Black malt imparts almost tart, sharp roasted flavor and deep black color, while contributing a smoother and less dry flavor vs. Roasted Barley.  Small percentages can result in deep amber and red hues, while larger percentages contribute coal-black opaqueness.

Simpsons Chocolate Malt

Simpsons Chocolate Malt is often regarded as a one of kind specialty malt.  It’s  highly roasted, although less than the Black Malt. At small percentages, Simpsons Chocolate malt delivers brown colors and toasty flavor notes.  When used more generously, it imparts rich, dark colors while lending a subtle burnt toast dryness and hints of bittersweet chocolate flavor. 

Dingemans De-husked Roasted Barley

Dingemans De-husked Roasted Barley is roasted at high temperatures and afterwards rapidly cooled when the desired color is achieved. As a result, this barley gives the beer a roasty aroma and dark color. At high percentages it provides a smokey/burnt flavor to stouts and porters, but without astringency derived from the barley husk.

Dingemans Biscuit®

Dingemans Biscuit® is a toasted malt that provides a warm bread or biscuit flavor and aroma, as well as garnet-brown color. This malt is produced in the roasting drum and has no enzymes, so it must be mashed with malts that have high diastatic power. 

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