TNS Hop Oils
All of the intensity, none of the astringency

Hear it from Stone Brewing 

"We've been testing Totally Natural Solutions hop aroma products for many years now and have done some small-scale retail releases with these awesome materials. Of the hop aroma and flavor extracts we've used TNS tastes the most natural and in some cases has been indistinguishable from beers produced with hop pellets."

Steve Gonzalez
Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation, Stone Brewing

(Photo credit: Beer Connoisseur)

Using TNS Hop Extracts in your Brewhouse

Introducing the HopInsipration® range and how the use of natural hop extracts in the brewhouse can optimize efficiencies without compromising beer quality. Providing benefits like inventory rationalization, yield increases, waste reductions, and savings on raw materials to name but a few.


TNS Hop Oils are coming soon to BSG. They are totally natural, improve beer flavor stability, reduce beer losses and improve aroma quality. Just as important, TNS Hop Oils provide a more sustainable option while helping your profitability bottom-line. 


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Here’s how TNS Hop Oils make your beer and margins better:

Avoid the side effects of high hop loads. Exuberant levels of dry hopping with pellets or cones can cause hop creep and hop burn. TNS oils deliver all the intensity with none of the astringency, and no risk of refermentation. TNS Hop Oils improve beer quality.

Better yields, lower waste, less freight. What if you could achieve the same level of hop aromatics without boxes and boxes and boxes of pellets? TNS oils cost less to ship than the equivalent amount of cone or pellet hops, and they reduce wort loss while increasing beer yield. TNS Hop Oils make brewing more cost-effective.

Your cellar crew will thank you for using TNS Hop Oils. Compared to pellets, they’re safer and easier to carry up a ladder and dose into a tank, and they take up a fraction of the space in a cooler. On the hot side, the lower solid load in the whirlpool means easier cleanup. TNS Hop Oils make brewing easier.

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