TNS Hop Oils Now Available!

Hear it from Stone Brewing 

"We've been testing Totally Natural Solutions hop aroma products for many years now and have done some small-scale retail releases with these awesome materials. Of the hop aroma and flavor extracts we've used TNS tastes the most natural and in some cases has been indistinguishable from beers produced with hop pellets."

Steve Gonzalez
Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation, Stone Brewing

(Photo credit: Beer Connoisseur)

Hear it from Fulton Brewing

“TNS Hop Oils allowed us to achieve the flavor and aroma we were looking for while keeping the perceived bitterness in check.”

Mike Salo
Brewer, Fulton Brewing

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TNS Hop Oils are finally here, so you can start making your beer (and your margins) better.

Simply replace or complement whole cone and pelletized hops in any recipe to increase beer yield and improve beer quality from sensory to shelf stability.

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